Sebastian Engelke

Associate Professor of Statistics
Research Center for Statistics, University of Geneva
Boulevard du Pont d’Arve 40
1205 Geneva

Education & Work

2021 –
  1. Associate Professor at Research Center for Statistics, University of Geneva.
2018 – 2021
  1. Assistant Professor at Research Center for Statistics, University of Geneva.
2018 – 2019
  1. Visiting Professor at Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Toronto.
2015 – 2018
2013 – 2015
2009 – 2013
  1. PhD (summa cum laude) as fellow of Deutsche Telekom Foundation at University of Göttingen.
2004 – 2009
  1. Studies in Mathematics at University of Göttingen and UC Berkeley.

Awards & Grants

  1. Lambert Award of the Swiss Statistical Society.
2020 – 2025
  1. SNSF Eccellenza grant on "Graph structures, sparsity and high-dimensional inference for extremes"; personal career grant over 5 years.
  1. Fields Research Fellowship for a three-month stay at The Fields Institute in Toronto.
  1. Grant of the Green Leaves Education Foundation for a 8-month stay of PhD student Edossa Merga (Hawassa University, Ethiopia) in Geneva.
2015 – 2018
  1. SNSF Ambizione Research Fellowship; personal career grant over 3 years.
  1. SNSF Grant for Scientific Conferences; Workshop on Risk Quantification and Extreme Values in Applications.
  1. ECI Award for Best Presentation; 9th ERCIM Conference in Seville, Spain.
  1. Dissertation prize; Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Göttingen.
2009 – 2012
  1. Fellowship of Deutsche Telekom Foundation; PhD grant over 3 years.
2007 – 2008
  1. Education Abroad Program; Scholarship for tuition at University of California, Berkeley.

Conference organization

  1. Workshop on Causality and Extremes (jointly with Valérie Chavez-Demoulin, Anthony C. Davison and Philippe Naveau), EPFL, Switzerland.
  1. Workshop on Risk Quantification and Extreme Values in Applications (jointly with Valérie Chavez-Demoulin and Anthony C. Davison), EPFL, Switzerland.
  2. Winter school on Recent Advances in Extremes (jointly with Léo Belzile and Anthony C. Davison), EPFL, Switzerland.

Invited Talks

  1. Environment and Climate Change Canada, Toronto, Canada.
  2. Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.
  3. Department of Mathmatics and Statistics, University of Guelph, Canada.
  4. Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences, University of Waterloo, Canada.
  5. Department of Mathematics, UQA Montreal, Canada.
  6. Plenary speaker at Climate Informatics Conference in Paris, France.
  7. Lecturer at Training School on Statistical Modelling of Compound Events, Como, Italy.
  8. ISI World Statistics Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  9. 11th Conference on Extreme Value Analysis, Zagreb, Croatia.
  10. Oberwolfach Workshop on Foundations and New Horizons for Causal Inference, Oberwolfach, Germany.
  11. Colloquium on Mathematical Statistics and Stochastic Processes, Hamburg, Germany.
  12. Workshop on Extremal Trends in Weather, Gregynog, UK.
  13. Department of Economic Policy, Universita Cattolica, Milan, Italy.
  14. Workshop on Assessment of ensemble forecasts, Aussois CNRS center, France.
  1. GERAD Seminar, Montreal, Canada.
  2. Data, Models and Statistical Inference, workshop in honour of Anthony C. Davison, EPFL, Switzerland.
  3. Self-Similarity, Long-Range Dependence and Extremes, Casa Matemática Oaxaca, Mexico.
  4. Rare Events, Extremes and Machine Learning Workshop, Paris, France.
  5. 5th British-German Frontiers of Science Symposium, Royal Society at the De Vere Wotton House, Dorking, UK.
  6. School of Mathematics and Statistics, Newcastle, UK.
  7. Research Center for Statistics, Geneva, Switzerland.
  8. Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Toronto, Canada.
  9. Applied Probability and Risk Seminar, Columbia University, New York, USA.
  1. 10th ERCIM Conference, London, UK.
  2. Modern Statistics for Complex Data Structures, KAUST, Saudi Arabia.
  3. 10th Conference on Extreme Value Analysis, Delft, Netherlands.
  4. IDEA Workshop, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  5. Swiss Statistics Seminar, Bern, Switzerland.
  6. Thiele Seminar, Aarhus University, Denmark.
  7. RiskLab, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.
  8. Seminar for Statistics, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.
  9. Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris 6), France.
  10. Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Toronto, Canada.
  11. Department of Mathematical Science, Chalmers University, Sweden.
  1. 9th ERCIM Conference, Sevilla, Spain.
  2. Workshop on Conditional Independence Structures and Extremes, Munich, Germany.
  3. German Statistical Week, Augsburg, Germany.
  4. Workshop on Extremes and Risks in Higher Dimensions, Lorentz Center, Leiden, Netherlands.
  5. 4th IMS-APR Meeting, Hong Kong.
  6. Uncertainty Modeling in the Analysis of Weather, Climate and Hydrological Extremes, Banff Research Station, Canada.
  7. Workshop on Dependence, Stability and Extremes, Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada.
  8. Research Center for Statistics, University of Geneva, Switzerland.
  9. Risk Lab, ETH Zürich, Switzerland.
  10. Institute of Statistics, LMU München, Germany.
  1. 8th ERCIM Conference, London, UK.
  2. 9th Conference on Extreme Value Analysis, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
  3. Department of Biostatistics and Spatial Processes, INRA Avignon, France.
  4. Institute of Stochastics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.
  5. Laboratoire de Mathématiques, Université de Franche-Comté, France
  1. 7th ERCIM Conference, Pisa, Italy.
  2. Workshop on High-dimensional and Multivariate Extremes, Bristol, UK.
  3. 2nd Conference of the International Society for Nonparametric Statistics, Cadiz, Spain.
  4. Institute of Statistics, Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
  5. Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Science, Universität Bern, Switzerland.
  6. School of Business Informatics and Mathematics, Universität Mannheim, Germany.
  7. Institute of Financial and Insurance Sciences, University of Lyon, France